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Our partners
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Optimal term of realisation

The individual characteristics of coffee will disappear in three weeks after the roasting.
Label is not a guarantee of quality. It is better when manufacturers are ready to tell about product more. The lack of information is a bigger problem than over-saturation.
  • Roasting coffee seeds

    1st day
  • Formation of taste

    3rd day
  • Saturation with aroma

    7th day
  • Maximum taste

    12th day
  • Stable taste

    21st day
  • Loss of taste begins

    22nd day
How we work?
150 establishments
  • 1st step

    Depending on the order date, we determine the frying from which coffee is packed and shipped.

  • 2nd step

    We announce by the phone a time of frying. You pay the order.

  • 3rd step

    We send the order on the same day.

  • For collaboration
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